Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Present

(our little sushi-roll baby, with Stitch in the background)

The past two weeks have been a wild rollercoaster ride, to say the least. Life has been coming at us full force, and I wonder if it will ever let up. You know how sometimes you ask the universe for a drink of water, and you get the firehose in the face? Yeah, it’s been like that. Incredible things have happened, some crazy bad, some crazy good. I’m choosing to focus on the crazy good, which is that my new baby grandson was born. Little Ayumu Cameron Ikuta-Dexter shot into our crazy world on June 1st, our ray of hope bursting through the clouds.
When a newborn comes into the family, there is no choice but to slow down and become fully present. You become aware of every little detail; a tiny yawn, a squeak, each movement he makes, a brand new miracle. With this new blessing in our lives, I am reminded of the importance of staying in the moment.
A week ago we were stressed, hurt, fearful when our dog was attacked, which led to an awful conflict with our neighbors. If I had stayed in the present last week, I would have realized that all the suffering was due to lamenting about what had already happened, and worrying about what might happen in the future. Right in that moment, everything was actually okay. And that’s the way it always is. We spend so much energy hurting over the past, worrying about the future, that we so often miss the gifts the present moment offers.
Even on the worst days of the last few weeks, I was surrounded by miracles of love, friendship, new life, encouragement and hope. I let that carry me, and did my best to let the fear stuff go. I have all of you, my friends, to thank for keeping me afloat and not letting the bad stuff submerge me.
Today I intend to stay fully present, and enjoy my life for the gift that it is. I hope you’ll do the same. Have a beautiful Sunday, and please remember to enjoy the present.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some baby snuggling to do….


  1. Beautiful! and yes Hollye it takes something so wonderful or horrific to make us realize, even though it is human nature to question the what ifs, to accept each day to its fullest. I learned this years ago and drive most of my friends and family nuts because I go with the present and enjoy it till the sun rises again the next new day. Each day is a start over you cannot let the hard times drag you down to the point you do not realize and appreciate all the wonderful that is actually currently happening all around you. Loved This Blog, xoxo
    do you mind if I repost it to my wall, there is someone I would like to share it with them. xoxo Kathleen

  2. Absolutely Kathleen - I knew you shared my philosophy. You are such a positive person.
    And of course - anyone can share my blogs, anytime.
    xo- Hollye

  3. Congratulations!! Your grandson looks beautiful!

    It's wonderful that his birth reminded you about staying in the moment -- and with it, you could remind us.

    I wish for you many more amazing moments, B


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