Monday, July 19, 2010


So…Dick Cheney is recovering from Heart Surgery. I saw a doctor on TV the other night explaining the procedure. There’s this amazing little machine inside him that’s pumping his blood, which means that right now, Cheney’s doesn’t actually have a pulse. Really? I mean, did he ever? For a man who by all means appears to be heartless, he’s sure had a lotta heart attacks. Count ‘em …FIVE. But still he lives….and lives….and lives. And yet how many have died as a result of his decisions? How many American soldiers, how many innocent Iraqi children, mothers, fathers? But Dick lives. Dick.
Our friend Greg was healthy and fit, and died instantly from one unexpected heart attack.
I’m pissed off. Seriously PISSED OFF. Why does DICK effin CHENEY get to live and Greg gets to die? Why does God spare him over and over, and not Greg?
Why doesn’t Charles Manson drop dead of a heart attack? Or Mel Gibson, in the middle of one of his racist, mysoginistic raves? Why do those who take other’s lives, make others miserable, get to live? Where is karma? Where is justice?
Anyone have any thoughts on this? If you do, please chime in. Because I’m left with this question in my mind….
Is God heartless, too?


  1. I feel exactly as you do Hollye without God in the equation. It was always said the mean live younger and the good die young. I don't get it. Maybe it gives those that survive a chance to change. But then again in Dick's life is has had 5 times. At least maybe he changed having a gay daughter and the ability to show some love and compassion to a group of people he normally chastises. Like to think he has learned something.

  2. I absolutely believe in DIVINE JUSTICE, karma, all of it. My dad has a saying ... "you don't leave this world until you pay for every chicken shit thing you ever did". Greg was a good one. He died instantly and yes, tragically, from a heart attack and left behind a wife and baby. And no, it's not fair, BUT, I truly believe Greg is in a beautiful, amazing place. A place where he deserves to be because he was A GOOD ONE. Dick Cheney, when he meets his Maker, will be 'splaining for centuries why he did what he did with the power and position he had. He will know the pain and suffering of each and every human being who was affected by the arrogance of his decisions. God is always good and I think when we leave this world we have a deep understanding of our actions and we ultimately judge ourselves. It's like it says in the Bible ... “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you (Matthew 7:12).” Put simply, I wouldn't wanna be Dick Cheney on judgment day.


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