Monday, October 18, 2010

Just another one of those days...

Woke up this morning to the sound of a man screaming and a little girl crying. Jumped out of bed panicked, and ran to the window. There was some kind of dog conflict in the street that got sorted out (but at this point my heart was already pounding out of my chest). As I ran to the window I saw a huge pile of dog poop (diarrhea, thank you very much) and pee on my living room carpet, right where Evan and the baby play every day. And I’m out of paper towels, and carpet cleaner….and its pouring rain. And the baby is screaming his head off because he’s teething, and my son is frustrated and Troy is sick and….no one got any sleep last night.
I took a deep breath and said to myself I’m not going to let this rough start dictate the way my day is going. But I can already tell…this day is going to be what it is, and there’s not much I can do about it. So I can either be dragged through it kicking and screaming, resisting what is…or I can accept it, and do my best to maintain an inner calm. I said do my best.
I know that all life experiences, good and bad, are ultimately going to serve me. Even when life’s been rotten, which it has been for a lot of us lately, it’s taught me patience, perseverance, resilience. I’m finding out that I’m stronger than I knew. I’ve learned that I have no control over anything, and that the best way to persevere is with dignity and grace. I’ve learned to take accountability for my own actions when necessary, but to stop apologizing when I don’t need to. That’s all good stuff that I needed. I’ve also learned this year just how incredible and true my friends are.
So today is feeling like it’s gonna be a doozy (hope I’m wrong), but come what may, I’m going to face it with inner calm and acceptance, knowing that whatever misery it may bring- I’ll be okay. I think the best way for me to face today is to ready my “house” for the storm, and then huddle in the proverbial “basement” with my loved ones until it passes. It will pass, that much I know…and in the meantime I have my husband, my kids, and my wonderful friends to huddle with.
Hot cocoa, anyone?
( Oh what a beautiful morning...oh what a beautiful day...)


  1. Hollye,

    Wow I do know it will get better. Just remember my adage-don't need to be perfect-just good enough. It works. You are so wonderful and I know love emanates from you to me for sure and I can't wait to hang out again and again with you.

  2. That is one sexy look you're sporting on the living room rug. Yeah, girl.

    It was a doozy, but am cozy at home, although exhausted. Am sipping tea and thinking bath. Hope you're doing same...

    xoxo B


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