Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Living In Possibility

It’s day four of my personally declared miracle week. So far, so good. I managed to fight off getting sick (with good thoughts and prayers) and have had a few "possibilities" come up, which have yet to materialize, but I have faith. Yes I do.
Yesterday I read a short article on Cheryl Richardson’s website about manifesting the desires of your heart. She told a story about taking a walk on the beach with a friend, and she declared, “I’m going to find a perfect sand dollar today.” She’d only found a few in her whole life, but that day- she would find one. An hour later, sure enough she did. Her friend was quite impressed. She then declared she’d find another for her friend, and…she did. The point of the story was – decide what it is you really want, and then set your intent on it.
Reading this, I smiled to myself, remembering how a girlfriend and I used to do something similar. We had this favorite thrift store we’d frequent in a busy part of L.A. where the parking was impossible. Every time we’d drive to the shop, we’d spend the whole twenty minute ride chanting PARKING SPACE, PARKING SPACE…and sure enough, we’d always get one right in front of the store. We didn’t think much of it. It was just our silly ritual, a superstition at best. But now I’m really pondering. Why would I put so much intent and energy into something little like that, but not put that same attention onto the things I really want in life - things I want much, much more than a parking space?
Am I afraid of asking for too much? Am I afraid that maybe the Universe is a limited place and there’s only so much goodness to go around (even though I absolutely know that’s not true)? Is there something in me that feels I don’t deserve abundance and rewarding work?
Maybe I don’t want to bother God with my petty requests when there are so many others who need help more than me. But I’m struggling this year. Really struggling on every level, and I want to be happy again. I want to be happy, peaceful, healthy and free from financial worry. I want to make a good living with the writing and music that I do.
So maybe I need to reinstate the PARKING SPACE chant, but this time redirect my intent.
But, unlike the parking chant, maybe I need to say it for more than twenty minutes. Maybe I need to say it, and pray it, every single day. Every single day. And see what happens…


  1. I am going to put in a chant or two for you as well. It will work, it will work for Hollye and her family.

  2. so gorgeous.
    it will happen. it will happen. it will happen.
    it will

  3. black feather, black feather ...

  4. Health, Harmony, Abundance, Unlimited profess'l oppotunity...hmmm - the one thing you didn't ask for is love --- might that be because you spent lots of time with that intention and now have an abundance of that? Seems to me ALL is possible AND probable...and deserved.

  5. What an awesome post. It made me smile.

    And I am totally trying your parking space chant. God does care about parking spaces. He really does.

    My corollary to this is the belief -- which I often repeat to myself: "I do not expect life to suck." So many people do. It's kind of depressing. But I simply will not accept that suckage is a permanent fact of life (temporary and unavoidable at times, sure). Sometimes I just want to shake people and tell them to either get an attitude adjustment or for cripe's sake, dig a hole and get it in now and stop annoying everyone with their whining.

    You can see why pyschotherapy would never have been a good profession for me. :)

  6. Omg Kristen- you crack me up. I love reading your blog, by the way. always a high point in my day.
    Linda-loo, Amy, Cindy-lou, Madge....Love your enthusiasm and the faith you each show in your lives and in your own writing. I know we're all on this journey together, holding hands, helping each other.
    I am so rich in love and friendship. A mega-billionaire!

  7. Great Blog as usual!

    Love your anonymous friend Robbie.

  8. Just trying to catch up on my fave blogs (of course, yours is one!) and am struck dumb by the beauty and power of these posts. This one could've been my own voice speaking. I ALWAYS do the parking wish (and weather). And always wonder why I can't own that chant for my big needs. This whole year has been my turn-around in that regard. I'm feeling that parking space in front of the Abundant Success store just about clearing way for me and you...


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