Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Your Earth

Today I am using my blog to out a friend. You see she's a wonderful poet and artist, but like I once was, she's in the "closet" with her writing. Oh, she's had a few things published here and there, but that's her secret. She never lets anyone know...

So here is a Poem by my good-as-gold friend, who reads and edits for me all the time....


Your Earth

I want to explore your Earth,

tunnel you like a mole,

overturn your rocks

and watch your insects scamper,

submarine my hands in your muddy sea,

get you under my fingernails,

in my kneecap creases,

around my taproots.

I want to taste you in the rings

of ruby beets,

smell your raw stew

brewing in skywater,

feel your grit in my grassy eyes

washing you out.

I want to weed you,

dig you,

tuck you in,

blanket you in moonshine,

be your evergreen,

your grandiflora bouquet.


  1. beautiful! it amazes me to find new poets that create beauty under the radar. thanks for introducing me to her....! Love Lori

  2. OOPS :) this was posted under my son's account--it's supposed to be under mine: Lori Landau. Would love to friend your friend.....


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