Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Life Lessons Learned at Lowe's

I was standing in line at Lowe’s picking up a few household repair items, in a blustery rush as usual, distracted by my kid who keeps wandering away while I’m scrounging through my wallet to find my ATM card buried under a million crumpled receipts. The clerk asks me something and I realize that with all my distraction, I haven’t even made eye contact with her.
I look up with a smile, “Hmm? I’m sorry, what?”
“I said…how’s your cat?”
Oh my…think….think. Do I know this woman? Have we spoken before? Geez, how do I get so caught up that I don’t even know who I’m talking to!
“He’s fine…thanks for asking.”
She smiles , and after a close look at her… I don’t think I know this woman.
So I ask, “How did you know I had a cat?
She points at me, without a beat, “Your shirt.”
I look down at my black t-shirt, which looks like a spent the morning cuddling with an angora rabbit.
So I learned two lessons that day
1) Never leave the house without looking in a mirror
2) Lowe’s hires comedians.
So glad to be able to share my revelations with all of you.


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  2. Ha ha ha this one cracks me up! My hubby works at Lowe's...and he IS a comedian! This gave me a good giggle!


  3. Love this Hollye.

  4. Here is another lesson, remove dog leash from your purse when shopping.
    I was at the vets with Mojo then decided to run into Marshalls
    the girl asked if I worked at a vets office....probably because of
    the leash and the fact that I was covered in dog hair.
    My life on a vet visit day.
    Is is possible to go or be anywhere without dog or cat hair if you are an owner? I think not and if so please share. Thanks. Hairy~Cuddle~Blog


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