Thursday, April 2, 2009

If you died tomorrow, what would you miss?

When I die (one day, a long, long time from now....) I will miss holding my children and grandchildren close to me. I will miss watching them grow and expand as people. I will miss loving my husband. I will miss the struggles and challenges we took on together, and the growing stronger as a couple. I will miss the feel of him, and seeing his sweet face and sleepy eyes in the morning.
I will miss Spring, and birds, and everything in full bloom. I will miss the wonder and creation of new life. I will miss perfect days like today, when the sun shines, all the windows are open, birds are atwitter and a gentle breeze blows the white gauzy sheers in and out as though the house were quietly breathing.
I will miss making music, and painting, and writing. I will miss wonderful conversation with friends, cocktail and dinner parties. I will miss Christmas with my family. I will miss petting cats, and holding babies, and the smell of a newborn puppy. I will miss the beautiful sky and it’s many colors and moods. I will miss all the places in the world that I never got to see but dreamed of. I will miss being inspired. I will miss vacations with my family. I will miss sharing conversation and a bottle of wine with my husband while we cook dinner. I will miss being deeply in love.