Wednesday, February 8, 2017



 "Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe that you must become its soul." 
- Coretta Scott King

America ranks 101st globally in the percentage of women in legislature. 
Let me repeat this: ONE HUNDRED COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD SURPASS US in women representing our government. A man who brags that he can grab women by the pussy and can do “anything he wants” to them, is now our President, and the GOP Senate Majority leader feels emboldened to shut Elizabeth Warren down for reading the words of Coretta Scott King. 

Steve Bannon, the President’s chief strategist, was chief executive of the alt-right website (that calls itself a news organization) that consistently belittles and attempts to disempower women. 

Check out a few of the articles Breitbart has published in the last year or so:

Here’s a brief quote from that one: “Given that men built the internet, along with the rest of modern civilisation, I think it’s only fair that they get to keep it. And given what a miserable time women are having on the web, surely they would welcome an abrupt exit. They could go back to bridge tournaments, or wellness workshops, or swapping apple crumble recipes, or whatever it is women do in their spare time. I, Donald Trump and the rest of the alpha males will continue to dominate the internet without feminist whining. It will be fun! Like a big fraternity, with jokes and memes and no more worrying about whether an off-colour but harmless remark will suddenly torpedo your career.”

“HERE’S WHY THERE OUGHT TO BE A CAP ON WOMEN STUDYING SCIENCE AND MATH” This “article” says that women just can’t cut it in highly competitive fields, and can never make up their minds.

This piece says that the pill alters women’s bodies so that they don’t “jiggle” in the right way to attract men, gives women cottage cheese thighs, and makes women sluts.

Trump and Bannon are planning a complete takedown of our current government, and you can guess what that means for women. If you notice, WOMEN are the ones standing up to Trump and his regime. Attorney General Sally Yates. Ann M. Donnelly – the 1st New York judge to stand up against the Muslim ban. Elizabeth Warren. Nancy Pelosi. 

If the Senate and House were 51% women, we wouldn't be in this mess. We wouldn't be shut down on the Senate floor, our reproductive rights wouldn't be threatened, the ERA would have already been passed, we wouldn't allow Trump's regime to wipe out all federal programs for victims of domestic violence (they just eliminated all) and women would finally receive equal pay.

EMERGE is an organization that trains women how to run for office. There are over 500,000 elected positions in the US. Many of them are small and local, and that’s where you begin. Find the Emerge chapter in your state. Even if you think you could never run, just attend an event or join a free informational phone call and learn what’s involved. Think you’re not qualified to run for a local position like School Board or City Council? Donald Trump is the leader of the free world. If there’s anything he’s taught us, it’s that anyone, literally anyone, can be President. You can do this.
Here’s an article about newbies who ran for office and won, and how they did it;