Monday, October 3, 2016

We Gave Our Son a Stranger Things Birthday Party (and it was awesome!)

Evan, 10 years old,  just started middle school. It's been tough for him because he's amongst the youngest and smallest in the school, and since most of his friends went to other schools, he doesn't know many people. He's been miserable since school began mid-August. But the one thing that has made him happy is watching the whole season of Stranger Things - twice. He became obsessed with the show, watching countless videos and vines, reading insider blogs watching all the interviews. He said he even liked it more than Star Wars.

So this September, since he was turning ELEVEN, my husband and I decided to give him a birthday party he'd never forget.


Our front door.
We built the theme around finding Barb. These were posted outside the house.
Pizza and Eggo waffles and Twinkies for dinner? You bet!
The goodie bags had to be authentic.

I made his birthday cake out of Twinkies, Ding Dongs and candy
We played STRANGER THINGS trivia.

We set up an Eggo bar for the kids
We painted the alphabet on a tablecloth and hung it on our wall.
We used Stranger Things text generator to make his invitations
We got into character!
Our best friends got into character, too!
We downloaded the whole Stranger Things soundtrack and had it playing the whole night. After Stranger Things trivia and Demogorgon tag, we played a hot potato game to "Should I Stay Or Should I Go." And after dark, we surprised the kids by taking them on a Barb hunt. We had turned our basement into The Upside Down, dark with vines and webs and everything covered in black and a bubble blower going under blacklights to give it that weird snowfall effect.  We brought the kids down there two at a time, while the scary "LIGHTS OUT" Demogorgon theme blasted. After walking through massive webs and putting their hands through Demogorgon goo (warm, mushy, overcooked spaghetti) they would eventually find a corpse covered in slugs and bugs, with oversized Barb glasses. Suddenly, Sheriff Hopper would jump out of the shadows with a flashlight under his face, warning them to never tell ANYONE what they'd seen, and the kids all went screaming up the stairwell.

All in all, it was a fantastic birthday party that Evan will never forget, but the part that made Evan the happiest? When Shannon Purser (Barb) tweeted it!


  1. Have an 11 & 15 yr. old. They are gonzo over S.T. (of course so are my Husband & I.) Daughter is all ready making plans for the Season 2 premier on Halloween. Love that you all cosplayed for the party...our kind of people! If only WI and CA where more proximal... What fun!

    1. We know how we'll be spending OUR Halloween, don't we? ; )

  2. Great ideas , love this ! My sons bday is oct.30th we are already planning a Stranger things party!


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