Wednesday, June 6, 2012


For the past few days, fear about our trial on Thursday has had me hiding under the covers, not answering the phone. I had to do something to get myself out of this negative place because fear is the WORST thing to feel when facing a huge life challenge.

I stayed up late last night watching an inspirational speech by Iyanla Vanzant (my favorite). She asked the audience, What is the deficiency in your life that you BELIEVE in? (because if you didn’t believe in it, it wouldn’t be happening).

People said different things:
I believe I’ll never lose weight
I believe I’ll never find love
I believe I’ll never have money

She said, If you believe it, you make it true.

I gave that question some serious thought and you know what I realized? I’ve always had a subconscious belief that I am unlucky- cursed, even. This is not a conscious belief, because on the surface, I always say how blessed I am to have my husband, my three healthy kids, my wonderful and loving friends. Blessed, but unlucky.

I’ve had some crazy things happen in my life – things that were very unlikely, and very unlucky.

What are the odds that my seven-year old brother would have been a victim of violent crime?

What are the odds that my house would erupt into flames in the middle of the night for no apparent reason? What are the odds that the fire department would take twenty minutes to get to the house because they couldn’t find it?

What are the odds that I’d adopt an abandoned dog and end up being sued over it?

What are the odds that my first grandchild would be abducted to another country?

Those odds are bad. I never gamble in Vegas.

Add to that, I’ve never won anything. Not a raffle, a lottery, a contest, a talent show (even though I am a professional entertainer)

And last year? I lost an UNLOSABLE trial.

So here I am, a year later, about to face the court again and yes, I’m terrified that I’ll be unlucky.

I KNOW I have to change this mindset, and change it quick.

Logically, I understand that just because I’ve never won anything, doesn’t mean I never will. Just because I’ve had unlucky things happen, doesn’t mean that’s the way my life will always be.

I’ve got to train myself to believe in good things again. Now is a good time for my luck to turn. Starting this Thursday, June the 7th (Lucky 7!) my story changes. From now on, I am going to think of myself as a luck magnet. And not only that, a justice magnet, because this after all isn’t just about luck. This is about years of hard work, three fundraising concerts, a community yard sale, an online campaign, media campaign, countless writing, countless court appearances and thousands of people all over the world who are behind us. 

Starting June 7th, I write a new life-storyline -- one in which all things are possible:

The judges are wowed by our attorney’s brilliant brief (and they very well should be) They overrule the lost property statute and we are declared the legal owners of Stitch. Happy tears are shed at the courthouse, hugs and cheering abound. I come home and post the happy news online and people all over the world celebrate because for once, justice has been served. For years to come, this trial is referenced as a precedent-setting case that saves other pets from the same fate. 

It doesn’t sound so far-fetched, does it?
You never know. I just might get lucky. 

(UPDATE! The court just rescheduled us until July 12th. I have no idea why, but I am deciding to consider this lucky, and for the best. - Hollye) 


  1. Sending you , your family and Stitch positive thoughts. If I were you,,,,there is NO WAY I would turn Stitch over to this person.

  2. I will be praying for your family and stitchey. I'm praying justice will finally be served and you are to take him home. Put all this behind you once and for all. I'm praying justice is done to this monster as well in a very hard way. I have to wonder what the motive he has behind this because obviously doesn't love him . Otherwise he wouldn't of been loose running the streets and burn mark. In your situation I would never ever give him up I would put stitchey in hiding . I am praying for you and stitchey. It breaks my heart knowing how cruel people are to one another and especially to our beloved babies. I bet stitchey would glad tell them who wants for parents. I'm equally mad and angry for the mom of the girl not to speak up and do the right thing. Praying praying for you n stitchey. All four paws crossed. Mary Timmons

  3. Thank you dear friends. I can't believe how many new friends we have because of Stitchy! It makes my eyes well up with tears when I receive your letters of encouragement and kindness. It certainly is one area of life where I've been lucky.

  4. So so so hoping for a positive ending - my thoughts and prayers are with you tomorrow.


  5. You will be victorious tommorrow. God bless you and your family for loving Stitch so much that your willing to fight the fight for him and risk it all. I honestly believe that the judge will see how much you love him and he will be in your family forever. We all will be praying for your family for comfort and peace tonight knowing that victory is ahead. Amy

    1. Yes, I will be victorious, not just for me, but for all of us. I can really feel those prayers all around me today. Thank you so much!

  6. I BELIEVE…..that tomorrow it will all change and justice (and luck) will belong to the Dexter family!!!!!!

    YES, I BELIEVE!!!!! I'll be there in spirit with love and positivity in my heart, for all of you.

    We love Stitchy!!!

    Love, Georgie ♥

    1. Georgie,
      When you believe, you make it easier for me to believe.
      Thank you!
      Stitchy loves you, too Georgie!

  7. Hollye, I'm praying hard for you and Stitchy. I wrote a short post about him here. I wish I could do more.

    1. Thank yu thank you Kristin! I posted it on Stichy's page. : )

  8. Been thinking of you and stitch all day! Will be sending good thoughts your way! Our whole family is hoping for the best!

    1. Thank you so much- I can feel the good thoughts!

  9. Hollye,
    Even though we haven't met, I am thinking of your family and Stitch. I hope all goes well. Also, I want you to know that my friend's house got struck by lightning (in Kansas) and burned to the ground. She is struggling each day with her emotions and dealing with how hard every day has become. I e-mailed her your "Navigating Disaster" post. It is just what she needs and I thank you for writing it.

    1. Karenne,

      Thank you so much for writing me. Please tell your friend to get in touch with me if she needs someone to talk to. My house burned down in 94 and the loss is much deeper than the stuff. It really helps to talk to someone who "gets" it.

    2. Hollye,
      I gave Beth your reply and this is what she wrote:
      "Thanks Karenne, that was really very thoughtful of you. I had some neighbors stop by a few days after the fire, their house burned totally down and they rebuilt and sold it and moved all in the same neighborhood. I have their name and they said to talk with them any time, they have been through it all and will help me all along the way! I am starting to find some very nice people through all this...I guess this is the bright side of everything!!!"

      Hollye, Thanks for making yourself available to her. It sounds like she has a good support system around her.



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