Monday, July 27, 2009

Parenthood, for reals....

I dropped Evan off at preschool this morning and he was heartbroken, once again. This is supposed to be a positive thing for him. I wonder if it ever will be? Am I wasting our money to pay to take him somewhere that he hates? Will this be good for him developmentally?

I stayed with him for half an hour this time. Better than an hour last week. He clung to me, refusing to let go of my hand. At one point he mustered up the courage to play with some of the other kids but one kid was mean and bullying to him so he ran right back to my lap. I tried to distract him. I found a sow bug on the ground and taught him how to pick it up gently, and let it crawl across the palm of his hand. It is so precious to watch the wonder in a child’s eyes in such a small moment like that. But then he dropped the bug and stepped on it, squashing it flat.

He is doing so well in other ways. Troy feels certain that this child has perfect pitch. He will sit at the piano and learn a song by ear. He figured out “Funkytown" the other day. He would hum the notes first, then go right to them on the keyboard. He knows the scales and his DoReMis. He can figure out a tune in his mind, and say “I’m gonna sing Do-Ti-Do", and then he’ll do it perfectly. He had Taylor’s college friends in awe the other night. They are all music majors.

I want to make note of some things that are so a part of his every day routine now, so I won’t forget them later. You are so immersed in raising your kids, you think you'll never forget. but I have a 19 and a 24 year old, and sadly, you do forget a lot.

Evan always says “I want to hold you” to me, when he wants me to pick him up.

He eats nothing but breakfast foods.

He still, at almost 4 years old, is a self-imposed vegetarian. Refuses to try a bite of any meat or fish.

He is reading at a 2nd grade level.

He goes to bed at 8:30 and wakes up at around 7am. He sleeps thru the night but has abandoned naps, much to my chagrin.

A few weeks ago, we were awakened at 3 am by the baby monitor. Evan was yelling. I ran downstairs, opened his door and there he is. He’s turned the light on , and is jumping on his bed singing Funkytown at the top of his lungs....Well I talk about it talk about it talk about it then he sees me and stops with the “ruh-roh” look on his face.

Our nineteen-year-old Taylor is dating Aya, a girl he met in Japan, who now goes to school here. She is learning English and he is learning Japanese. This is a very different kind of girl for him. He has always been with girls that were really strong and outspoken, kinda bossy. Actually somewhat like his sister, and maybe me.

I am agitated the past few days. A lot of worries are on my mind; family, kids, money, misunderstandings, you name it. And I guess life decided to make it more vivid last night. Just before we went to bed one of the cats sprayed in our bedroom, in addition to the fact that I had just stepped in a huge pile of cat vomit. Troy's response, as always...."Why does anyone want to have cats?" Flash forward to 3:30 AM - I woke to the sound of constant running water. I went downstairs and found the washing machine on a constant rinse cycle. As I turned it off it made loud gurgling and rushing sounds. I sat and watched it for ten minutes, sure it was about to back up into the house. Then I went upstairs to try to get to back to sleep and saw a huge black spider on the wall which I assumed was a black widow. Killed that thing, then went back into the bedroom and found a dead bug on my bedroom carpet which was being devoured by thousands of ants. So I had to get the vinegar and kill all the ants. By this time, Troy woke up and offered to help me vacuum the dead ants.

I sat on the bed, head in my hands, so overcome by the bizarre nature of all these things going on in my life all at once, and then I look up and it hits me. My husband is vacuuming, butt-naked at 4 am…..I just started cracking up. Then he starts to laugh too, and in his sleepless stupor he accidentally knocked the curtains down , so we were hysterical, rehanging curtains, all the while mind you he’s still naked, at 4am. It was beyond sitcom.

In other news, we have a new treadmill and I'm finding that running is a great equilibrium for anxiety. And Troy and I went to Salsa Boot camp yesterday and we are DANCING together! We are getting good! Sorta... Either way, I’m proud of us for trying something new.

I was so exhausted this morning, feeling the stress of last night, and all these other problems running thru my mind. Troy grabbed me around the waist, and said “Honey, let’s dance”…..and we did.