Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mother Guilt, Part 2

Last month in my blog “Mother Guilt”, I worried that my youngest son Evan might not remember all the good times we’ve had; playing Candyland on the floor, reading books together and building castles out of blocks, but instead might only have memories of me yelling at him and sending him to his room. After all, it’s a human flaw that we remember our injuries much more clearly than our victories, the bad over the good, the insult over the compliment. It’s impossible to know what a person will hold onto and carry in his heart.
Cut to this morning. Evan came running into my bedroom, his underwear backwards and on the OUTSIDE of his pants (I don’t even ask anymore), and he says he has a great idea.
Evan: I know, Mommy! I’ll pretend I’m YOU, and you pretend you’re ME, okay?
Hmmmm….I thought, this is a great way to see how he views me, plus I’m always up for a good game of make believe.
Me: Okay. Starting now, you are Mommy.
Evan: (in high squeaky voice) Hello my precious boy!
Me: sigh…
Evan: I’m going to make you lunch. What would you like?
Me: Hmmm… how about cookies and cake?
Evan: No honey, that’s not good for you. But I’ll make you a peanut butter sandwich.
Me: Thank you Mommy
Evan: What nice manners you have! You’re going to get a sticker on your chart! And after your lunch you can have ice cream.
Me: Can I have a big huge chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce?
Evan: No – that will make you too hyper. Then he thinks for a minute. Wait! I changed my mind. You CAN have chocolate! It’s good for you!”
He hands me a toy.
Evan: I bought this present for you today!
Me: Oh boy! Why do I get a present?
Evan: Because you’re my precious boy and I love you soooo much.
* sigh*
Mother guilt…alleviated. At least for today.


  1. Oh Hollye baby...this is stuff you should videotape and keep hidden somewhere for when he's grown...Hollye...I can feel you smiling because I'm smiling...thank you for this...xox

  2. Hollye how precious!! I do so hope you journal these blogs for Evan to read. One thing about the is all cyber space. I am old fashioned and like pen and paper. But I could feel this love.......between Mom and Son. What a bonding. xo

  3. Its a good feeling..but as a mom who has grown kids you also know...there will always be ups and day he may be mad at you for this or that..but the next day he thinks youre the greatest! The important thing is he knows you love him...bottom zap zoop...he knows hes loved..the rest will all balance out in the wash...
    Youre a good mom!

  4. Thanks so much for following our blog today -- because it allowed me to discover and follow yours! I love your voice so much. And your stories. And your friend's amazing poem.

    You have spirit to burn. And you're burning bright, my dear!!

    xo Barbara


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