Saturday, January 7, 2012

A New Year's Revolution

My 2011 Vision Board. Gotta say, most of it came true.
Happy New Year Everyone. It’s 2012 and I’m about to make my vision board for the year. Every year I ask myself what I really want from life. I think long and hard about it. Have you thought about what you want this year?
I’m not talking about your average New Year’s Resolutions…lose weight, quit smoking, blah blah blah.  I’m talking about what you REALLY want. What your heart wants. What your soul craves.
What is it you want from this life?

This is a question I began asking myself some years ago, and at first I found it really hard to answer. Try asking someone that question at a cocktail party. You’ll hear a lot of hemming and hawing, because really, how often do we sit down and ask ourselves what we really want?

We usually say things like:
I want to be thin.
Why? What is the feeling being thin would bring? How would being thin change our lives? Would we feel healthier, or younger, or have more energy? Would people love us more? Would we love ourselves more? Maybe what we really want is to be loved as we are, or to have better self esteem. Or to speak up when we feel something rather than suppressing emotions with food. What do we really want?

I want to be rich.
Why does everyone want to be rich? What problems would it solve, really? Would it give us the freedom to do the things we’ve always wanted to do? Like what? What are the things we’ve always wanted to do, and why aren’t we doing them? What would you do with all that freedom? What would you do with the money? Would it change your relationships? Make you more lovable? What do we really want?

World Peace.
How can we achieve world peace? Maybe what we really want is inner peace. Where can we start? What do we really want?

I think we get it all wrong. We talk about the outer things we want, the possessions, the conditions.  But we don’t acknowledge the inner - the underlying reasons we want those things. The seed of every desire is in our souls. That is where to begin.

My belief is that if we take care of the matters of our hearts, of our souls, the rest will fall into place. 
If we want more love, we must be loving and lovable.
If we want more money, we must value ourselves and make ourselves valuable to others.
If we want to be thinner, we must value our health enough to make changes.
If we start within, take care of our hearts, listen to our inner wisdom – our resolutions can become a revolution.

2012. It’s a brand new year. Our year. Your year.
So …what is it you really, really want?


  1. for one, I want to be surrounded by other like-minded souls who think--truly think about their own insides as well as the world at large like you do. I love your writing, Hollye, because I love that you write from the heart and soul--after thinking it through on such a personal and yearning level. I'm always glad when you share a piece of yourself because it makes me feel that those people I want around me already are........

  2. this is what i want:
    to treasure and honor and love life - every bit of it - the good, the not so good.
    to live fully.
    to give more.
    to love better.
    to forgive myself and others.
    to no longer accept crumbs.
    to release everything that holds me back.
    to manifest my goodness, my greatness and the goddess within out in the world.
    to help another human being awaken to their greatness.
    to be less judgmental and less intolerant.
    to write abundantly, to create magic every day.
    to create wealth and health and joy from the very things i love to do.
    to help all women stand tall.

  3. Oh hooray to hear from Lori and Amy- two gorgeous, deep like-minded souls. We are all going to have a beautiful, loving year. Yes, we are.

    Amy- your Revolution is poetry!

    Love you both!

  4. Amy Ferris: to your "wants" May it be so!!!!!!! slowly thinking about this: I also want the grace to accept what is, even when it's more like "what isn't." it's when I can't accept what is that true suffering begins.........

  5. Loved this. Getting down beneath the surface, to the meaning behind the wants. So based on that, I want to be in charge of myself and my life. Believe in myself so I can create the life I deserve. Most of all I want to stand in my own power and not give it away to others anymore!

  6. Rock on Michael Ann. With resolutions like that- I'm sure you are going to have an amazing year!

  7. Hollye,
    Yeah, I'd like the first two but I do think the third one is gonna happen unless humanity wipes itself out.

  8. I like the New Year's revolution! I've thought about this column several times in the last few days. Thanks, Hollye.

  9. Hey there! Just checking in after the holidays and our trip -- miss you!! I love this post. Perfect. xo B

  10. Donald! Sending you love and a smile for your heart. Never ever give up on this world. Contrary to what is reported in the news, there is so much beauty and good in the world.

    Judy- So glad you liked it and it gave you something to think about. I love that!

    Deb and Barb- love you madly and welcome home from Paradise, lovelies.


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