Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Karma's a Bitch, but Here's the Good News...

Are you people watching Oprah’s Lifeclass on OWN like I told you to? Are you, are you? I can't stress enough the importance of filling your mind with positive life-affirming information. ( Remember: garbage in=garbage out.)  But just in case you’re not watching, I’ve been taking cliff notes for you.

Last night was a great two-hour class with Deepak Chopra, who spoke about spirituality and karma, or, if you prefer- the Golden Rule. The class was live in New York City, where they packed Radio City Music Hall.

Here are the gems I picked up from last night:

“Problems come from a contracted state of awareness. Solutions come from an expanded state of awareness.”

How can you improve your state of awareness? Meditation. Even for a few moments each day. Slow your breathing. Slow your mind. Feel your heart. Get in touch with gratitude for what is good in your life. Even if your life is hell right now, you have food, running water, shelter….all things to be grateful for. Not everyone in the world has that.

When persistent negative thoughts plague you, here is what Deepak suggests:
Stop the thought.
Take deep breaths, and feel a smile in your heart, spreading through your whole body.
Observe how this feels
Proceed with love and kindness.

With regard to karma, here were the lessons:

“The worst thing you can say about another contains some truth about yourself.”

“You can never feel good about yourself by bringing someone else down.”

“Everyone does the best they can with where they are at in their own spiritual awareness. Hold them in compassion, for when you judge, you are also judging yourself.”

“The highest form of intelligence is the ability to observe without judging.”

“The story you tell yourself creates your experience in the world.”

“If you live your questions, life will lead you to your answers.”

“If you want love, be love. If you want change, be change.”

“Change yourself first. No social transformation can take place without personal transformation.” (peace begins with you…)

And here’s what I loved most of all. The Hindus believe (and the Christians do, too) that even if you have some karma from the past to work through, you can pay off some of that karmic debt by doing good in the world now. By being kind, loving, charitable, some of that debt will be forgiven. So in other words, Karma is a bitch, but she’s at least reasonable and willing to strike a good bargain.

Have a great, good-karma, non-judgy kinda day!

for more info on Oprah's Lifeclass, or the other wonderful life-affirming shows on O.W.N., click here:


  1. thank you...missed Oprah's program. I appreciate your notes

  2. Hollye, I recorded this and watched it last night. Two hours of beautiful, uplifting truth. What I loved was Oprah's mantra "In God I move and breathe and have my being." WOW. Gonna say that all day. Have you read Eckhart Tolle? A New Earth, Power of Now ... like bibles that I refer to all the time. The secret is to PRACTICE your spirituality daily. That's where I need to be a lot more CONSISTENT.
    Love you doll ...


    1. YES! Believe me, Debbie, I read everything. I'm a self-help spiritual junkie.
      Dyer, Chopra, Tolle, Dass, Elizabeth Lesser, Brene Brown, Iyanla Van Zant....it goes on and on.
      and don't worry, that's why they call it a spiritual practice. We have to practice every day. Practice, practice practice....
      love you, too!


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