Monday, July 12, 2010

I've Been Boggled!

So I was playing the game Boggle with my four-year-old Evan. You shake up these letter cubes, then try to find how many words you can make out of them in one minute. What a great learning opportunity for him, I thought. Have a good time playing, learn some new words…
Evan: Look Mommy! Here’s the word TOP.
Me: Great job honey! What else can you find?
Evan: TROT.
Me: Yes, very good. And look here, the word STOP.
Evan: Yeah, and the word, MO.
Me: Good try honey, but MO isn’t a word.
Evan: Yes it is, Mommy!
Me: No, sweetie…sorry.
Evan: It’s a character in the Japanese alphabet, Mommy. See? Let me show you…
He proceeds to draw this character, which looks something like a lower case t crossed twice. So I looked it up online, and as usual, he’s right.
Me: Oh. Well….duh. I coulda told you that. I didn’t know we were using Japanese alphabet characters…( I didn’t really say that, but it would have been funny if I did)
But what I really said was – Where did you learn that Honey?
Evan: I looked it up on YouTube on (Of course!) But it’s the Hiragana alphabet, not Kanji. (In case anyone was wondering.)
And once again it was ME who ended up learning something by sitting on the floor playing with my kid.


  1. Look at my FB wall post quote.
    'Everyday is a learning experience'.
    I especially love it when the lesson comes from the younger generation for no matter what anyone's age we tend to think we know it all. How precious this blog. Peace:)

  2. And he's four? Oh, honey, you're in for an interesting ride! LOVE this story.
    My younger daughter, now 8, knew how to find her way to web sites and look up things on Google before she knew how to read. I'm not even sure how that is possible. I really think they're coming into the world wired differently now. A whole new world for us.

  3. Fabulous and a bright little boy. The apple doesn't fall from from the tree.

  4. Yes, kids are definitely wired differently these days. Let's face it, most of us wouldn't have a facebook page if our kids hadn't set them up for us! My Evan blows my mind every day...His newest fascination on the internet is not Sesame street or Thomas the train, but the Korean and Japanese alphabets, and domino runs....SHEESH. At his age I liked Captain Kangaroo and jumping on my bed.
    xo - Hollye

  5. What???! Crazy how their minds work -- and each one different. xo B

  6. I'm NEVER playing Boggle with your son! He's seriously brilliant already.
    Thank goodness. I was losing faith in future generations. Phew.


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