Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Addiction

There’s a theory that we’re all addicted to something, whether it be food, drugs, alcohol, sex, work, attention, whatever.

These days it’s writing for me. There were years that I pushed writing away. I was bone dry for any inspiration. Yes, I was a teetotaler.

But now I have fallen completely off the wagon. I’m compelled to write to the point where everything else suffers. On my desk, there is an unopened jury duty notice, overdue car lease paperwork. Neglected deadlines whirr past me. Most days I’m in my pajamas til well past noon. My dogs desperately need a bath. My cats are shedding, puking up hairballs all over the carpet. Dust accumulates on every surface of the house, giant dustbunnies roll past me like tumbleweeds (okay so I’m exaggerating – creative license here.) but I don’t care. I’m a junkie.

I write.

And when I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing. Standing in line at the post office, I’m narrating it in my head she stood in line, pensive, shifting from one foot to the other, when suddenly the clerk called her number… Memories flood my mind as I’m driving, showering… dialogue runs through my head constantly. It’s disgusting. My chipped fingernails from constant typing, as obvious as meth sores. Everyone knows…

The phone rings, unanswered.

The first step is admitting I have a problem….


  1. lol. I definitely have the same addiction but mine is all consuming. As I hunt for possible writers for the website, I have to read a lot of their blogs to see if their writing is what we are looking for. I give myself 4 blogs and if not enchanted with their stories off to another one. I had to put my laptop in another room otherwise if I woke up at 5am I would stay up for the day checking my writers, my facebook, my personal emails and my websites that I follow looking for writers and then of course my writing plus my personal shit like bank transactions, my Mom's transactions, my credit card, my Mom's credit card-you get the idea. I have lost daily touch with my boyfriend (maybe a good thing from time to time), my favorite morning eatery and just hanging out reading my various books. Oh yes, Hollye I feel your pain as it is mine as well. But I guess other addictions could be worse. I so love your writing and this has inspired me to maybe put some of this shit in a future blog.:)

  2. Love your blog. write, write. you are such an inspiration to me and others.You write some things that I have experienced but never thought of sharing or writing about. I wanted to start with the beach, Joey and Gram but starting in my next blog they get darker I am getting older and facing and realizing what LIFE is about and even though the sun may be out it is not always sunny. So write, find time with family.

    Waiting for your Book:) all can wait well except the cat puck hair balls, that is grossing me out.


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