Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Messages Are Always There

 One of 100 white origami cranes we folded for the blessing of Taylor and Aya's marriage
photo by Christina Donnelly

This morning, as I was on my morning run with my hubby, we stopped at the top of the mountain, and sat on the ledge overlooking a lake. We decided to take a few moments to say a prayer, as we had many worries on our minds.

One of our dearest friends has lost both her mother and younger sister in the past two weeks.
Our sweet friend Anita still lies in a hospital bed (four months now), after a heart transplant.
My stepfather, and yet another friend, both await biopsy results.

So much to pray about today, and my heart was heavy.

As I sat in prayer, envisioning white light around my loved ones, Troy nudged me and told me to open my eyes. A beautiful white crane was soaring over the lake. In Japanese culture, as my daughter-in-law Aya has taught me, white cranes are a symbol of hope and good health. Aya and I have folded white origami cranes as a form of prayer.

I saw that majestic white crane, and knew that I could let go of fear and worry. Someone bigger than me, and much more intelligent than me, has got this thing called creation all figured out. Every once in a while, when I’m paying attention, the message is there.

Today it was written across the sky: All Will Be Well.


  1. Hollye, I so loved this message today. All will be well and work in the way we want or need for us to accept change, tragedy and love. Love you Hollye.

  2. This made me feel better, more hopeful and less anxious……I've had my last cry for the day!!! Thank you Hollye ♥ oxoxo

  3. So so beautiful! It will be well. All of it. xoxo

  4. Beautiful, Hollye. Life is, has been, and will be full of all things. We surely never know what is going to be around the corner. I love that we can each help each other lift our hearts, inspire one another, help each other see signs, or another way to see. In the long run, it's how we "deal with" what comes our way. I always appreciate your lovely writing. Love and hugs, xoxo

  5. Beautiful message today Holls!! Love you !!

  6. Hollye, I would say "from your lips to God ears" but that has taken care of itself. Keep the faith.

  7. Wow. I love when stuff like that happens. Right when you need it. That truly is a message. Not everyone would recognize that though. We have to be open to the mystical and spiritual. God speaks to us in many ways! What a great post and thank you for sharing this message of hope.

  8. So glad it spoke to you, lovelies. I love when that happens...when a message comes through to one, and like ripples in a pond, reaches so many others.
    Let's keep each other's spirits up, shall we?

  9. That is a beautiful message. I tend to go out somewhere quiet and in nature too let my worries out too. My mother all tells me that things will fall into place and that there's meaning in everything around us but you have to pay attention. I'm so happy you found some uplifting in your challenging times.


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