Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Modern Day Miracle

Miracles do occur in this world, but because the media gets better ratings from fear-mongering, we rarely hear about them. That's why it's up to us, people like you and me, to spread the word.

The best gift I could give anyone this weekend is to share this phenomenal story with you. In 2006, Anita Moorjani was dying of cancer. Literally dying. All her organs had shut down, her emaciated body had swelled up with toxic fluids and she was in a coma. Her family was gathered around her, everyone experiencing terrible grief, but through it all, Anita was happy, for she was experiencing something that defies explanation- at least to our understanding here on Earth.

Anita left her body and went to a place of unconditional love, where she felt her connection to all of humanity, and while there, she learned that FEAR was what had dominated her life up until that point, and that FEAR in fact, was the cancer that was killing her.

Eventually she was told to go back to her body, and that with this new understanding and release of  fear, her cancer would be gone.

This is what happened. A dying woman, riddled with tumors the size of lemons up and down her spine, whose organs had all shut down, returned to perfect health within days. This has been investigated by numerous doctors. None of them can explain what they've witnessed.

One of the lessons Anita learned on the other side was this - Our only mission in life is to be our true selves. Not our "career" selves, or our "projected" selves, but who we really are deep in our hearts. If we do this, our life purpose will be clear. We don't have to pursue anything else in life but being our true selves. When we are authentic, everything we need will come to us.

Imagine that.

I urge you to watch this interview with Anita Moorjani. It's about the length of a TV show, so maybe ditch the reality shows today and watch this instead. Because maybe, just maybe, this is the true "reality".

Anita Moorjani Interview- Near Death Experience


  1. This resonates so powerfully with me. She reminds us of the tremendous LOVE as well. If we can all just give a little bit more of that to ourselves and one another each day! Thank you Hollye for sharing this great reminder! Loving blessings to you and yours.

  2. I am now a believer. Sometimes things are just unexplainable but they do happen.

  3. Kim- I thought you would love this.
    Madge- a believer! Wow...and a dog lover. I'm working my magic on you...a little every day!
    Remember this:
    "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." - Shakespeare

  4. I didn't think I had the time to watch this -- but the time suddenly revealed itself. So glad I did. Thank you so much for sharing it, Hollye! It is truly magnificent. Like you :)

  5. ....and this is what it's all about! Truly!

    Love you...A.

  6. Oh Barb, I'm so glad you had a magic time-stretch. Love those! This video is sooo worth the time.
    and yes, Amy, this IS what it's all about. Everything else is just clutter in our silly heads.


  7. Dying To Be Me is a book that I saw numerous times while I was looking around Netgalley. I would look at it and pass thinking that I don't know how I feel about NDE (near death experience) and it's probably more of the same old, same old. White lights, beauty, etc. No not for me.


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